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 Globel Asia Consultants Pte Ltd

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PostSubject: Globel Asia Consultants Pte Ltd   Globel Asia Consultants Pte Ltd EmptyWed Jun 20, 2012 5:34 pm

Globel Asia Consultants Pte Ltd- Suspected Pyramid Marketing Scheme

The above mentioned HR recruitment company is suspected for organizing a pyramid scheme.
Representativesof the company will post free jobs ads online recruiting telemarketers and recruiters.
and people who expressed interest will be invited to attend a mass interview session.

At the end of the session, if you would like to be a telemarketer or a recruiter. you would have to pay SGD 250 for each position. If you pay for any of the position, the representative who invited youwill receive a commission of between SGD50 to SGD100.

Should you sign up as a recruiter, you will post the same positions of telemarketer and recruiters and get people to attend the sessions and if they sign up and pay, you will receive commission. Those who join then continue the same ads and the whole cycle will continue until eventually the whole system collapses due to overcrowding.

There is no real product or services rendered as the payment for the commission comes from the people who wishes to join the scheme not an employers who are paying for your services to help them find the right employees.
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Globel Asia Consultants Pte Ltd
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